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About Katcon

Who is Katcon?

Katcon is a privately held company established in 1993. Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Katcon management team, the organization has grown into a global enterprise collaborating with customers to develop innovative solutions for vehicle exhaust systems.

The corporate statement “The Vision of a Clear Sky” summarizes the purpose and commitment of Katcon from the top down to making a difference to improve the environment we all live in.

Since the beginning, Katcon has evolved from a small facility with niche products to a global organization handling a wide variety of products and programs, from low volume specialized applications to large, complex programs. At the same time, the company is still a flexible and focused organization that can service a variety of needs from customers.

Katcon Environmental Policy

Ensure that all our products are manufactured in accordance to environmental laws, regulations, and guides established in our Environmental Management System.

We are committed to set goals and objectives that help us achieve excellence in environmental matters and to continuously improve in all areas of the organization.

What is Katcon

Katcon is a global Tier 1 automotive supplier responsible for designing and manufacturing exhaust systems for the gasoline and diesel engines of our customers around the world.

In all activities, Katcon continues to strive to achieve perfection. The industry leading quality record of the Katcon operations exceeds what others would call “World Class Quality.”

This level of quality performance is directly related to our operational vision to be recognized by customers as a model of efficiency and productivity.

Katcon is a model of modular, decentralized, and lean manufacturing

Our model is based upon installing capacity modules to serve the customer with a concept of:

  • Modular Manufacturing
  • Modular Capacity Additions
  • Just In Time (Zero WIP)
  • Total Quality Systems
  • Flexible Labor
  • Horizontal Organization
  • Partnered Systems Support

The modularity of our plants guarantees smooth expansion with manageable budgets; quick lead times; effective training; and complete quality assurance processes.

Where is Katcon Located?

From a single manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico in 1993, this map????? clearly illustrates today’s global footprint and capability for engineering and manufacturing.

All facilities are linked together with common systems and communications to establish the foundation for team collaboration capable of creating unique solutions for customer applications.

Katcon Provides Both Component & Full Exhaust System Development Services

Acting as a product development partner in collaboration with other selected Tier 1 system suppliers, Katcon will design, test, validate and manufacture a unique exhaust system solution for our customers.

Our development process is based on a system approach including the interactions between the engine, the vehicle and the exhaust emissions system. We believe it is important to consider and understand the application constraints, the engine performance requirements and the emissions components such as substrates and catalysts.

Katcon has defined and put into practice a systematic and robust development cycle.

The product design and development cycle:

  • Analysis - The product is designed using analytic tools based upon the requirements defined by our customers with data gathered on the specific or similar application.
  • Prototypes - The first prototype is constructed only after we have completed an optimization cycle using computer simulation.
  • Testing and Validation - Testing of the prototype enables us to confirm the design performance and durability before launching production.

Full Virtual Development Capability

To minimize development cost and lead time, we start product development using only analytical tools. A set of commercially available software tools along with internally developed proprietary codes to enhance the value of these tools.

We apply our extensive engineering experience at Katcon to tune the models which is very important to achieve a good level of prediction quality.

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