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Warranty Information

The quality of materials used to construct the Tier One Components Universal Catalytic Converter, combined with manufacturing processes certified to ISO/TS16949 standards allow Tier One Components to offer an aftermarket industry leading 6 year / 60,000 mile warranty on the converter shell, casing, and end pipes and a 30,000 mile warranty on the converter insides or substrate.

Tier One Components provides full warranties on our catalytic converters that comply with and exceed all EPA regulations and statutes.

EPA Requirements for New Aftermarket Catalytic Converters

“Any new catalytic converter sold which meets EPA requirements must be properly labeled and warranted to meet the Federal Durability and Performance Standards Act. New aftermarket catalytic converters must have a 5 year / 50,000 mile warranty on the converter shell, casing and end pipes and a 25,000 mile warranty on the converter insides or substrate. It must meet all EPA's emission Performance Standards when the vehicle is properly used and maintained.”

Tier One Components sells only Catalytic Converters that exceed all EPA warranty requirements. Tier One Components does not sell used or rebuilt catalytic converters. We strongly advise against purchasing a used or rebuilt catalytic converter. Distributors selling used or rebuilt converters are not required to extend any warranty whatsoever after the sale and are not subject to any requirements such as testing or certification as set forth by United States EPA guidelines.

A printed factory warranty form is packed with each converter ordered. It is important that this form be completed in its entirety. When completed please mail the pre-addressed hard copy to:

Tier One Components

Converter Warranty Registration

P.O. Box 1025

Brighton, MI 48116

In the event a warranty claim needs to be submitted; the customer must produce a copy of the original sales invoice from Tier One Components and a copy of this Factory Warranty form.

This procedure is required to begin a warranty claim.

Download Warranty Registration Form PDF