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What is a Tier 1 Supplier in the Automotive Industry?

By definition, a tier 1 supplier is a manufacturer who provides products directly to a company without dealing with a middleman or other manufacturers.

This is a simple definition. In reality, being identified as a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier establishes both the credibility and commitment required by global automotive manufacturers of their closest business partners trusted to design, develop, and validate the products and systems incorporated into their vehicles.

Tier One Components' management has been closely associated with the automotive industry for over 35 years. The experience of being involved with the process the OEM vehicle builders use to select and develop their “Tier 1” supply base caused us to recognize that not all parts are equal. We have all experienced the disappointment of discovering the aftermarket product we purchased at a discount did not deliver the value we have come to expect from an OEM product. The primary reason for that is because the design standards, quality standards, and material standards of an OEM product usually exceed the standards of the aftermarket replacement part.

Tier One Components' products are only made by Tier 1 Suppliers to the Automotive Industry. This is important because the ISO/TS16949 Quality Standard used to operate the certified manufacturing company must be followed for every product being produced. Therefore, products made for Tier One Components by these manufacturers must be made under the same process controls incorporated into OEM product manufacturing.

Customers using Tier One Components can be sure that these products will deliver a high level of satisfaction. In addition, knowing that the product you purchased meets the same vigorous standards required by the manufacturer's OEM clients will allow you a true appreciation for the overall value you receive for the price of the item.